Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Welcome to The Celtic Pussy

A little bit about myself.

I'm Irish and like many people in Ireland and around the world I find myself unemployed thanks to the banks and government who know feck all about how to run successful economies without debt.

To pass the time until the world recovers (LOL) and jobs are plenty again (LOL) I will waste my time writing on my blog.

Maybe its a fact that 3-4 people in the world may ever read this, or indeed I may be Mr popular and have people queuing up to read my blog. In all honesty I don't really care, If I bring some enjoyment to others then so be it, if I bring offence to others then my advice is to stop reading and sod off!

Please don't waste your time writing to me or responding saying you have misspelled this or got that wrong because I'm not here to be a introduction to further education courses, I'm here to waste some time and your more than welcome to join me on my quest!

What will I write about?

Who knows, I may feel very political one day and the next I may want to talk about Toy Story 3!, this blog is for fun and I welcome everyone to join in for fun.

So sit back, relax and lets play!

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